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Spares for Sisal & Hard Fibres

Spares for the following machines from JAMES MACKIE, BOLLELI, GARDELLA and others for preparation, spinning, twisting and spooling of Sisal, Abaca and other Hard fibres are manufactured by us.

  • Goods Machine 
  • Inclined Drawing
  • Sisal Tow Drawing
  • Gill Spinning, 
  • Twisting 
  • Mackroll Winding, Baler Twine Spooler

Special properties of our spares

  • Strict adherence to metallurgy to OE specifications allowing longer working life to Pins, Tracks, Screws, Cams, Drawing Rollers, Pressing Roller Flanges, Yarn Guides, Scroll Rollers.
  • Dynamic balancing of Flyers ensuring smooth running of the spinning and twisting frames.
  • Asbestos free Ferodo Friction Pieces in line with current environmental laws.

We also provide technical consultation for improving productivity and rehabilitation & refurbishment of used machinery. 

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