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Spares for Jute & Flax Spinning

We offer the following spares for drawing & spinning machines of JAMES MACKIE, LAGAN, GOLDEN EAGLE, FRASER, LAWSON makes for JUTE, KENAF fibres.

  • Rollers
  • Screws and associated parts
  • Pressing rollers, rubber cots and aprons,
  • Auto Front Conductors
  • Other items, like, gears & pinions, shafts, studs, bearings, oilite bushings, etc.

Special properties of our spares

  • Strict adherence to metallurgy to OE specifications allowing longer working life to Pins, Tracks, Screws, Cams, Drawing Rollers, Pressing Roller Flanges, Yarn Guides, Scroll Rollers.
  • Dynamic balancing of Flyers ensuring smooth running of the spinning and twisting frames.

We also provide technical consultation for improving productivity and rehabilitation & refurbishment of used machinery. 

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