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Key features of our pins:

  • Precise Dimensions
  • Uniform and correct Heat treatment according to the application.
  • Fine Polish
  • Correct taper for Fibre Guidance and longer working life.
  • Available from diameter range 0.5mm to 14mm, length 4mm to 250 mm
  • Pins are made from Hi carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, other alloys and non ferrous metals as per customer’s needs.


Pins for Wool and Synthetic Spinning
  • Gill Pins (Flat or Round)
  • Comber Pins
  • Cylinder Pins
  • Top Comb Pins
  • Feed Comb Pins
  • Porcupine Pins
Pins for Jute, Flax & Sisal Spinning
  • Hackle Pins
  • Card Pins
  • Gill Pins (Flat or Round)
  • Double Taper Pins
Pins for Silk & Ramie Spinning
  • Gill Pins (Flat or Round)
  • Cylinder Pins
Pins for Cotton Spinning
  • Comber Pins
  • Cylinder Pins
  • Top Comb Pins
Pins for various Textile applications
  • Pins for Stenter Pin Plates
  • Pins for Lags of Tearing Machines (Flat or Round)
  • Pins for Spiked Lattices
  • Pins for Weaving Temples
Pins for other industrial application
  • Pins for Perforation and Fibrillation
  • Pins for Tobacco Carding
  • Pins as per customer’s requirements

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