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Gills, Hackles and Staves for the Flax & Jute Preparation


  • Gills are available in Brass and Nylon. 
  • Pin density ranges from 6 PPI to 32 PPI
  • Available for MACKIE, BOLLELI, LINIMPIANTI, GOLDEN EAGLE & other machines.
  • High precision toolings and our SABRE brand pins are used for maintaining strict dimensional fidelity. 
  • Stringent quality controls allows perfect fitment on the fallers.

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Hackles are available for MACKIE, GOLDEN EAGLE, JINDE, LINIMPIANTI, BOLLELI and other machines.

Aluminium Hackles with Drill Fitted Pins

  • Suitable for pinnings upto 18 PPI
  • Pins are easily replaceable
  • Base is solid Aluminium providing rigidity and strength
  • Conventional Brass bound hackle can still be supplied on request

Aluminium Hackles with Replaceable Nylon Inserts.

  • Strips can be easily replaced without any special fixtures
  • Pin density available from 6 PPI to 36 PPI. 
  • Economical when compared to Metallic Pinned Inserts
  • Use of Round or Flat Pins depending on the stage of the operation.


  • Staves for carding machines are available in Wooden, Aluminium or Steel faced and Aluminium.  In wooden staves, options are available in beechwood or laminated wood.
  • Available for MACKIE, FRASER, MILTEX, BOLLELI and RUSSIAN Makes.
  • High quality our Sabre brand Pins and automated drilling process ensures long hassle-free working life. 
  • Option of coarse to fine pinnings.
  • Customised staves are also available for special needs of the customers.

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